HTML elements build Web pages.




Void elements only have a start tag.

<tag-name attribute-name="attribute-value">

The start tag must have a tag name and may have attributes.



Non-void elements have a start tag, content, and an end tag.

<tag-name attribute-name="attribute-value">content</tag-name>

The start tag must have a tag name and may have attributes.

The content may have characters, comments, and/or other elements.

The end tag must have a tag name.



Name Description
area image-map hyperlink
base base URL
br line break
col table column
command command - HTML5
embed integration point for plugins - HTML5
hr horizontal rule
img image
input form control
keygen key-pair generator/input control - HTML5
link link metadata
meta meta
param initialization parameters for plugins
source media source - HTML5
Name Description
a anchor/hyperlink
abbr abbreviation
address contact information
article article - HTML5
aside tangential content - HTML5
audio audio - HTML5
b bold text
bdo BiDi override
blockquote block quotation
body document body
button button
canvas canvas for dynamic graphics - HTML5
caption table title
cite citation
code code fragment
colgroup table column group
datalist predefined options for other controls - HTML5
dd definition description
del deleted text
details control for additional on-demand information - HTML5
dfn defining instance
div generic container
dl definition list
dt definition term
em emphasis
fieldset set of related form controls
figcaption figure caption - HTML5
figure figure with optional caption - HTML5
footer footer - HTML5
form user-submittable form
h1 heading
h2 heading
h3 heading
h4 heading
h5 heading
h6 heading
head document head
header header - HTML5
html document root
i italic text
iframe inline frame
ins inserted text
kbd keyboard input
label caption for a form control
legend title or explanatory caption
li list item
map image-map definition
mark marked (highlighted) text - HTML5
menu list of commands
meter scalar gauge - HTML5
nav group of navigational links - HTML5
noscript fallback content for script
object generic external content
ol ordered list
optgroup group of options
option option
output result of a calculation in a form - HTML5
p paragraph
pre preformatted text
progress progress indicator - HTML5
q quoted text
rp ruby parenthesis - HTML5
rt ruby text - HTML5
ruby ruby annotation - HTML5
samp (sample) output
script embedded script
section section - HTML5
select option-selection form control
small small print
span generic span
strong strong importance
style style (presentation) information
sub subscript
summary summary, caption, or legend for a details control - HTML5
sup superscript
table table
tbody table row group
td table cell
textarea text input area
tfoot table footer row group
th table header cell
thead table heading group
time date and/or time - HTML5
title document title
tr table row
ul unordered list
var variable or placeholder text
video video - HTML5


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