The area element represents either a hyperlink with some text and a corresponding area on an image map, or a dead area on an image map.


<area attribute-name="attribute-value"></area>
Name Value Description
alt normal character data Fallback content for the image map
coords circle | polygon | rectangle Coordinates for the shape on the image map
download string Download the hyperlink destination
href URI Reference to the hyperlink destination
hreflang language tag Language of the hyperlink destination
rel tokens Relationship between the hyperlink document and the hyperlink destination
shape circle | polygon | rectangle | default Specifies the shape of the area for the hyperlink on the image map
target browsing-context name or keyword Browsing context for the hyperlink destination
type MIME type Type of the hyperlink destination



area {
  display: none;

Example | alt

Example | coords

Example | download

Example | href

Example | hreflang

Example | rel

Example | shape

Example | target

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W3C HTML 4.01 Specification


W3C HTML 5.1