The textarea HTML element represents a multiline plain text edit control for the element's raw value.



<textarea attribute-name="attribute-value"></textarea>


autocompleteon | offSpecifies whether the element represents an input control for which a UA is meant to store the value entered by the user (so that the UA can prefill the form later)
autofocusautofocus | emptySpecifies that the element represents a control to which a UA is meant to give focus as soon as the document is loaded
colspositive integerExpected maximum number of characters per line of text for the UA to show
dirnamestringEnables submission of a value for the directionality of the element, and gives the name of the field that contains that value
disableddisabled | emptySpecifies that the element represents a disabled control
formIDREFIdentifies a form with which to associate the element
maxlengthpositive integerMaximum length of value
minlengthpositive integerMinimum length of value
namestringName part of the name/value pair associated with this element for the purposes of form submission
placeholderstringShort hint (one word or a short phrase) intended to aid the user when entering data into the control represented by its element
readonlyreadonly | emptySpecifies that element represents a control whose value is not meant to be edited
requiredrequired | emptySpecifies that the element is a required part of form submission
rowspositive integerNumber of lines of text for the UA to show
wraphard |Instructs the UA to insert line breaks into the submitted value of the textarea such that each line has no more characters than the value specified by the cols attribute
softInstructs the UA to add no line breaks to the submitted value of the textarea


1 · autocomplete · off

2 · autocomplete · on

3 · autofocus

4 · cols

5 · dirname

6 · disabled

7 · form

8 · maxlength

9 · minlength

10 · name

11 · placeholder

12 · readonly

13 · required

14 · rows

15 · wrap · hard

16 · wrap · soft