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The video HTML element is used for playing videos or movies, and audio files with captions.



<video attribute-name="attribute-value"></video>


autoplayautoplay | emptyAutomatically play when the page is loaded
controlscontrols | emptyDisplay the controls
heightnon-negative integerVertical dimension
looploop | emptyInstructs the UA to seek back to the start of the audio stream upon reaching the end
mediagroupstringInstructs the UA to link multiple videos and/or audio streams together
mutedmuted | emptyRepresents the default state of the audio stream, potentially overriding user preferences
posterURIAddress of an image file for the UA to show while no video data is available
preloadauto | emptyHints to the UA that optimistically downloading the entire audio stream is considered desirable
metadataHints to the UA that the user is not expected to need the audio stream, but that fetching its metadata (duration and so on) is desirable
noneHints to the UA that the user is not expected to need the audio stream, or that minimizing unnecessary traffic is desirable
srcURIURL for the audio stream
widthnon-negative integerHorizontal dimension


1 · autoplay

2 · controls

3 · height

4 · loop

5 · mediagroup

6 · muted

7 · poster

8 · preload

9 · src

10 · width

11 · Content