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feTurbulence stitchTiles


The stitch value for SVG specifies the user agent will automatically adjust the baseFrequency x and y values such that the feTurbulence node’s width and height contain an integral number of the Perlin tile width and height for the first octave.

The baseFrequency will be adjusted up or down depending on which way has the smallest relative (not absolute) change as follows: Given the frequency, calculate lowFreq=floor(width*frequency)/width and hiFreq=ceil(width*frequency)/width. If frequency/lowFreq < hiFreq/frequency then use lowFreq, else use hiFreq. While generating turbulence values, generate lattice vectors as normal for Perlin Noise, except for those lattice points that lie on the right or bottom edges of the active area (the size of the resulting tile). In those cases, copy the lattice vector from the opposite edge of the active area.





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